A joint venture between Veolia, Costain and MWH

Our Business

A fully integrated and incorporated JV, 4D has provided the full range of services comprising the asset management lifecycle to its primary client, Southern Water Services:

Solution modelling and options analysis
Outline and detailed design
Asset integration and optimisation
Operations and maintenance

Our business can broadly be split into four key elements: Two consecutive programmes of work – AMP4 (running from 2005-2010) and AMP5 (2010-2015) and two discrete major projects – Cleaner Seas for Sussex (Brighton & Hove WTW) and the Woolston Redevelopment Scheme.



4D has brought together the complimentary skill-sets of employees from its shareholder organisations – businesses themselves that excel in engineering, construction and operations within the UK water sector and beyond. This capability has been further enhanced through the selection of – and commitment from – our long-term supply chain partners.  

"4D has been the largest supplier of services to Southern Water in both AMP4 and 5, handling our largest and prestigious schemes including the new £300m wastewater project delivering cleaner seas for Sussex at Brighton. 

4D's focus on health and safety has been first class and from the outset raised the bar in terms of their behaviour-based approach.

Exemplar performance in meeting regulatory targets has been demonstrated since inception, with every target being achieved to date".

Richard Price, Head of Capital Delivery, Southern Water
(Sept 2012) 


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